Debt Consolidation

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Debt Consolidation Mortgage

A Debt Consolidation Mortgage is an additional Secured Loan taken out from your Home Equity, that will sit behind you existing First Mortgage,(in most cases, normally the First Mortgage is from a Big Financial Institution, like a Bank or a Trust Company/Credit Union) which means that your Existing current First Mortgage will be left in its place as is, Untouched – But does allows you to tap in to your Home Equity on your property. We Can Help, you to borrow from your Home Equity and get you a Debt Consolidation Mortgage on your residential as well as Commercial Property, IF there is sufficient equity. We understand that there are situations, when you will need to get a Debt Consolidation Mortgage. Benefits of getting a Debt Consolidation Mortgage in Toronto program from us, will allow you to take up to 85% LTV (Loan to Value) of the dormant Equity out, of your Home Value, regardless if you have Debt Consolidation, Low Income, are previously Bankrupt or are in a Consumer Proposal. For Home-owners who have Debt Consolidation, Low Income, No problem, WE CAN HELP…!!!

Our Debt Consolidation Mortgage Experts will assist and help you. As long as there is Equity in you Home, we have an Approval waiting for you.

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